Black History Month Assembly Speaker, CaShawn Thompson

Last week, Maret's Black Student Union hosted a discussion with CaShawn Thompson, originator of the concept "Black Girls Are Magic," as part of the Upper School's celebration of Black History Month. 

In 2013 Thompson was using the phrase online to uplift and praise the often overlooked accomplishments and beauty of Black women and Black girls. The phrase caught on and was later shortened to the hashtag #BlackGirlMagic. Its popularity continued to grow, and it spawned a movement that has had far-reaching cultural impact. But, Thompson hasn't always gotten credit for her role in the movement.

At the assembly, Thompson spoke about the origins of the concept, the commodification of the phrase, and hashtag activism. Her powerful statements left the community ruminating:

  "No one benefits from exclusion, because who are we without all of us?"

  "We live and exist in a system that was not crafted with our success in mind."

  "Courageous means doing it afraid."

  "I might be the only way one person might feel loved in their life—and that might be my destiny."

Looking Ahead

This Friday, February 19, Maret's Black Girl Magic and Women of the World clubs are co-sponsoring a talk with Kim Tignor, the creator and founder of Take Creative Control (TCC) and Executive Director of the Institute for Intellectual Property & Social Justice (IIPSJ).