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Campus Preparations

Our approach to reducing risk is multipronged with strategies to address air flow, surfaces, and social distancing.

Air Flow


In the summer of 2020, we hired an outside consultant to assess our HVAC systems, and upgrades were made according to industry standards to ensure appropriate ventilation and filtration. In addition, over 100 HEPA filters have been placed in classrooms and office spaces. Windows and doors will continue to remain open whenever possible to allow for the continual flow of fresh air, and our HVAC systems have been calibrated to increase outdoor air intake. We continue to monitor our systems.



Our cleaning service has operated in the District for over 30 years and will comply with all DC Department of Health guidelines related to methods of safely cleaning campus. They will continue to routinely clean and disinfect classrooms.

Handwashing and Handsanitizing Stations

Each classroom is equipped with hand sanitizer and child-safe cleaning supplies for use throughout the day. Touchless faucets have been installed in all bathrooms across campus.

Touchless Bottle Refill Stations

Touchless refill stations have been installed in various locations around campus. Water fountains on campus have been disabled, and faculty and students coming to campus must bring their own filled water bottles. 



Since the vast majority of our students from seventh through twelfth grade have been fully vaccinated, we will allow them to move around campus freely while maintaining appropriate social distance. Throughout campus, classrooms have been rearranged to maximize distance, and the set-up will abide by any requirements from DC Health officials. Per the District of Columbia’s requirements, we will work to maintain at least 3 feet of social distancing in classrooms. Where appropriate, traffic patterns that promote distancing will be established in hallways. Similarly, we will limit occupancy in the Theatre, the cafeteria, and certain other spaces.

In grades K-6, students will be placed in cohorts, and teachers will either use assigned seating charts or take a photo of who is sitting where. We have kept our classroom numbers on the lower end in each of these grades and will abide by any requirements from DC Health officials.

Everyone on Maret’s campus is required to wear masks both indoors and outdoors, with the following exceptions: 1) Faculty working alone in an office or classroom may remove their masks (but must replace them as soon as another person comes to the door); 2) masks may be removed while eating or drinking, but should be replaced promptly; 3) masks are not required during athletic activities conducted outdoors.

Tents have been installed to create additional outdoor spaces for learning, eating, and gathering in small groups.

Health Office

The Health Office is across from the cafeteria. The tiled area of the After School room will be reserved for any students who need to be isolated.


Signage will help direct traffic through the school buildings to minimize contact. Reminders to wash hands and maintain social distancing will also be posted.