We have a variety of hand tools, such as files, clamps, hammers, saws, mallets, drills, and a vice, as well as the following equipment:

UP Box+ 3D printer

Build area dimensions: 255 mm width, 205 mm depth, 205 mm height.

Up Box mini 3D printer

The UP Mini 2 is a smaller version of the Up Box+

Build area dimensions: 120 mm width x 120 mm depth x 120 mm height.

Safe Operating Procedure (SOP)

Safe Operating Procedure for Up Box+ 3D printer (DOCX)

Safe Operating Procedure for Up Box Mini 3D printer (DOCX)

We supply 1.75mm PLA filament for the UP Box 3D printers and this is the only filament accepted for use.

Preparing your file for printing with Netfabb

You are responsible for ensuring that a file is printable.

To make sure your 3D models print error-free, you need to check that they are watertight and there are no mesh errors. There are various mesh repair applications available such as Meshmixer, Blender and Meshlab, but we use Netfabb. Ask a Makerspace technician if you have any queries.

You will need to download and install Netfabb on your computer.

Netfabb is a free program that can check and edit 3D files. Netfabb can open a range of file types, but we recommend .stl file type.

3D modelling skills training

Try Learning 3D printing course on LinkedIn Learning (free access to RMIT students). More information about LinkedIn Learning



Carvey is a CNC router: a computer-controlled carving machine. It can carve 2D and 3D objects from different types of wood, plastic, and foam. Materials brought from outside will need to be approved by the Technician. Carvey is operated using Easel software.The Projects website shows examples of what can be created using Carvey.

Material capacity

300mm(W) x 200mm(D) x 70mm(H)

Safe Operating Procedure (SOP)

CARVEY Safe Operating Procedure (DOCX)

Using Easel

Easel is a free, browser-based application used to control Carvey and you will need to create your own account to use it.

Emblaser 2

Emblaser 2 is a laser cutter and engraver. You can use it to cut and engrave paper, fabric and wood. Emblaser 2 is operated using the Lightburn software.

Materials and capacity

500mm (width) x 300mm (depth) x 6mm (height)

There are strict limits to the materials you can use in this laser cutter. These are the materials you can cut and engrave in the Makerspace:

  • Paper/Card - Corrugated Cardboard 6mm
  • Paper/Card - Pasteboard 2.6mm
  • Paper/Card - Plain Paper 3mm (any color).
  • Wood - Birch Plywood 3mm.

Using Emblaser 2 and LightBurn

Safe Operating Procedure (SOP)

Emblaser 2 - Safe Operating Procedure (DOCX)

Darkly Labs resources

EinScan Pro 3D scanner

The EinScan-Pro 3D handheld scanner uses white light LED technology, offering highly detailed scans. It can capture geometric shape, as well as colours and texture information with its colour module.

Using the scanner

Safe Operating Procedure (SOP)

EinScan Pro 3D Safe Operating Procedure (DOCX)

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