Equity and Inclusion

Equity and inclusion are at the center of all that we do here at Maret. Over the years, our work has expanded in both breadth and depth as we constantly re-evaluate what it means to be conscientious equity practitioners. We believe that, while imperfect and sometimes stumbling, we must remain on the path toward building a stronger community and, ultimately, a better world.


Dialogue and self-reflection are essential to a healthy campus. See below for more information about Equity & Inclusion leadership at Maret and our ongoing initiatives.

Office of Equity & Inclusion

The Office of Equity & Inclusion works to support faculty in their equity practices, both pedagogically and systemically. Members of the Office of E&I are part of the Committee on Equity & Inclusion. They provide resources, facilitate equity-based discussions, support teachers in lesson planning, and deliver professional learning to our faculty. The Office is composed of the Director of Equity & Inclusion Courtney Cothran-Fenner and Lower School Librarian Liz Kleinrock.

Board Committee on Education and Equity

Committee on Equity and Inclusion (CEI)

Combatting Racism

Maret is committed to continue building a truly equitable and inclusive community and to combatting institutional racism by examining our practices, policies, and protocols to ensure equitable experiences. 

In 2020-2021, the School convened the Anti-Racism Task Force (ARTF), which produced a report and a series of recommendations. These recommendations are the foundation of Maret's most recent anti-racism initiatives.

Messages to Our Community

Confronting Anti-Semitism

Antisemitism and related hate crimes are on the rise in the US. In accordance with Maret's mission and core values, our community stands against anti-Semitism and seeks to confront and end all forms of it. Click on the link below to find resources.

Confronting Antisemitism Text on Blue Background

Ending Anti-Asian Violence

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, people who identify as Asian American or Pacific Islander have been the targets of racist comments and actions. A recent uptick in violence in the winter and the shootings in Atlanta underscore the urgency of disrupting and addressing hate and bias. Click on the links below to find resources for ending anti-Asian violence:

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Ally Resources

Learn More
The PBS television series "Asian Americans" premiered during Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May 2020 and chronicles the Asian American story in the United States. Told through individual lives and personal histories, "Asian Americans" explores the impact of this group on the country’s past, present, and future.

Additional Resources

Student Programs

Faculty Programs

Community Programs

Maret Community Snapshot

  • 37% of the faculty self-identify as people of color
  • 25% of enrolled families receive financial aid
  • Maret families hail from 57 different nations
  • 62% of our students reside in DC, 29% in Maryland, and 9% in Virginia
  • 51% of our students self-identify as people of color


Mixed Forum

Co-sponsored by Diversity at Maret students and the Maret Parents Association Diversity Committee, the Mixed Forum generates discussion about compelling topics among Upper School students, parents, and faculty from all divisions.

Upper School Day of Dialogue

Maret’s annual Upper School Day of Dialogue is an opportunity for students and faculty to engage as a community around issues of identity and equity through presentations and workshops. These conversations are central to our Mission and critical for students’ personal growth.

Lower School Culture Club

Each session of the Culture Club is taught by Maret parent volunteers who represent a variety of cultures and who share their personal stories and traditions. Students enjoy food, games, music, dance, crafts, and other activities to celebrate each culture.