Eunique Jones Gibson Visits with Students

In February Eunique Jones Gibson joined lower schoolers at assembly and the upper school Power of Story class to talk about her campaign Because of Them We Can.

Gibson launched the campaign in 2013 as a fresh way to celebrate and teach children about Black history. The original campaign was a 28-day photo essay of children dressed as famous Black figures. But it caught fire, leading to a book of 365 images published in 2014 and a series on Nickelodeon in 2015.

Gibson’s visit came on the heels of the third grade’s annual biographical character unit. Having just researched and presented on history makers who have overcome obstacles and done extraordinary things, the students were primed to learn more about the impact of Gibson’s project.

While Gibson’s images honor the achievements of Black trailblazers and giants both past and present, there is no doubt that her fun and relatable series of photographs inspires young people to imagine making history themselves one day.