Fateh Library & Center for Inquiry

One of the busiest and most vibrant hubs of the Maret campus is the Fateh Library & Center for Inquiry. Together with the innovative lower school library, these facilities nurture intellectual curiosity, exploration, and critical thinking.

The libraries and Center support Maret’s commitment to the lifelong love of reading, while infusing our stimulating K-12 curriculum with the latest information-literacy and research strategies. Augmenting online resources, Maret students still rely on books for research, and they regularly pick up books for pleasure reading. They can do so with the help of the School’s online catalog of titles, which allows students to peruse the libraries’ vast offerings on a computer or hand-held device.


Rajeeni Galloway
Director of the Fateh Library & Center for Inquiry

Sonali Kumar
Middle & Upper School Librarian

Jessica Scott
Lower School Librarian



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