Successful implementation of the Strategic Directions will require turning our aspirations into actions that will lead to tangible results. We have generated an enormous set of useful ideas that will augment the progress Maret has made in recent years. More important than these ideas themselves are the people who will be responsible for the energy and resources needed to bring them to life.


Maret Endowment Growth 2007-2017

Maret's Endowment

Maret has made significant strides in building our endowment, which has grown from $12.7 million in 2011 to over $34 MILLION TODAY. Currently, endowment and special funding account for over 6% of Maret’s operating budget. Our endowment growth has made an immediate impact on the quality of education and teachers at Maret. As we move toward our next strategic plan, we seek to increase Maret’s endowment funding in four distinct areas: Program Innovation, Financial Aid, Faculty, and Equity and Inclusion. Endowment gifts may be restricted to a currently endowed fund or used to establish a new fund. Donors can make an outright gift, pledge a gift over multiple years, or make a bequest to support endowment.

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Endowment Priorities

Endowment provides permanent resources for today, and allows our school to look toward tomorrow with a sense of well being. With endowment, the principal of the fund is preserved and income generated through careful investment can be directed to the School’s budget each year. The Board of Trustees is responsible for overseeing the investment and spending policies of the endowment.


Strategic Directions
Strategic Directions will further propel Maret along its trajectory as a truly outstanding independent school. We will continue to be sustainable, nimble, and relevant as we embrace our future in a fast-changing world..
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Establishing a Named Fund

Interested donors will work with the School to create a fund or select a facilities naming opportunity.

Designated named endowment funds should provide adequate income to support the restricted purpose. Named gift opportunities begin at the $100,000 level. The Fund or space will not be officially named until the full gift is received.

For more information, please contact Director of Development Sally Dunkelberger at 202-939-8811 or sdunkelberger@maret.org

Currently Endowed Funds