To get you started, we offer induction sessions for space, safety and certain tools and technology. The safety induction is compulsory for anyone wishing to use the Makerspace.

Visit the Makersapce for your induction. We run them on:

  • Thursdays at 9 am
  • Fridays at 2:30 pm

Intellectual property

Be mindful when using third-party models and designs for your own creations. Models and designs are protected by intellectual property law in the following ways:

  • Utility patent protects functional items such as machines, manufactured products, processes, and chemical compositions.
  • Design patent protects the ornamental features of manufactured items e.g. the shape of sunglasses.
  • Copyright protects work of authorship, e.g artwork
  • Trade dress protects aspects of an item's design or packaging that help consumers identify its origin.
  • Trade secret protects information that confers a competitive advantage to an enterprise as a result of not being widely known.

So, when searching for models and designs, look for openly-licensed (Creative Commons) or free 3D designs. You can do that by googling for 'open licensed 3D printer designs' or 'Creative Commons 3D printer designs'.

Here are a few sites where you can find Creative Commons or open-licensed 3D models:

Software skills

You will need at least some basic software skills when working with digital fabrication tools. LinkedIn Learning is a fantastic resource for online software training in:

  • 3D
  • Audio
  • Business including Office and Google software
  • Design
  • Developer
  • Photography and video
  • Web and social media

The courses are presented in modules so you don't have to sit through a whole course to find what you need.

First time user? When you access LinkedIn Learning, a profile will be created for you. Having a profile lets you manage your courses, access playlists, bookmarks, recommendations and certificates of completion. You can integrate your LinkedIn Learning course completion certificates with your LinkedIn account, to enhance your professional profile.

If you're having problems, ask the Library for help.

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