Humanities & Language Arts

Through a wide range of texts, unique courses, and a rigorous writing program, Maret teaches students to analyze and debate diverse topics in history and literature and challenges them to think creatively—and proactively—about the world around them.

Curriculum Snapshot

LOWER SCHOOL and MIDDLE SCHOOL students take core classes in English and history. The focus is on the fundamentals of reading, writing, and literary analysis.

UPPER SCHOOL students are required to earn seven credits in the humanities, choosing required courses and from a wide variety of history and literature electives.

Maret Literary and Visual Arts Magazine

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Nationally recognized as a leading independent school publication, Maret Literary and Visual Arts Magazine showcases poetry, prose, photography, and illustration by our talented Upper School students.

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A Sampling of Middle School Humanities


For this project, groups of students create persuasive mini-documentaries to convince their peers in middle school to change something about the way they think or act.

Overall, I loved working on this project. It was definitely a demanding one; nonetheless, every time I re-watch our group’s video, I get more and more proud of the end result and how much we accomplished. Eighth Grade Student

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