Malone Schools Online Network

The Malone Schools Online Network provides motivated, upper-level students at participating Malone Schools with a variety of academically challenging courses beyond what would normally be available to them. These interactive seminars bring students together from across the United States with dedicated teachers in real time. MSON joins the best of independent school education with the latest video conferencing technology to chart new territory in online learning.

Fast Facts

  • Twenty-two member schools enroll their students in 29 courses from Organic Chemistry to Ancient Greek to Philosophy in Pop Culture.
  • Real-time seminars on a set college-style schedule allow teachers and students to develop lasting bonds across geographical divides.
  • Rich, intensive, and varied courses go beyond the AP; students dive into fields they might not otherwise encounter in high school.
  • MSON faculty members teach to their passions, and their new pedagogical tools spur innovation on their campuses.
  • Students selected for MSON hone their abilities to work independently, communicate proactively, and manage their time.
  • MSON is a consortium—with administration based at Maret School, the Dean of Instruction at Hopkins School, and the technological platform at Stanford Online High School.

Contact MSON

Claire Goldsmith
MSON Executive Director

Ben Taylor
Dean of Instruction
203-397-1001 x362

Chesley Cunningham
Operations Coordinator