Ninety Alums Return for Career Day

It was a packed morning with 90 alumni returning—virtually—to Maret for Career Day. Alumni participated in 37 panels sharing insights into their chosen career paths with more than 300 upper school students and faculty members. Commercial real estate, television production, mental health, politics, law, sports, education, the arts, medicine, global and international affairs, and the media were just a few of the professions represented on the panels. 

Alumni guests described their varied career paths and nuggets of wisdom they’ve gleaned along the way. They shared what motivates them, and they opened up about their challenges, failures, and successes. Several commented on the necessity of stepping outside of their comfort zone and being willing to fail in order to reach new levels in their careers.

Students learned what it takes to start one’s own business, how an interest in world languages can turn into a career in the US Department of State, and how many job opportunities are available to writers with a strong voice and perseverance. They learned about the human cost of climate change and the organizations that are supporting environmental justice and fighting environmental racism. And, they found out that they can turn their passion into a career or have a career and pursue their passion on the side.

Alumni encouraged students to keep learning—even when they leave school. “Be a sponge; take it all in,” one alum advised. Another alum urged students to ask for help when they need it—because having a mentor is invaluable. Yet another piece of advice echoed in various panels was the importance of knowing yourself and what makes you unique. Taking the time to reflect helps in shaping a fulfilling career and even acing the interview for that dream job.