History Has Its Eyes On Us!

Rising to the Occasion

This year's Hamilton-infused Scholarship Auction was a huge success! 
Thank you for your support!


"History Has Its Eyes On Us" Event Video

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  • 25% of students at Maret receive financial aid
  • 100% of Auction proceeds support financial aid
  • 20% of financial aid budget is raised from the Auction

Email Chanelle Blackwell at maretauction@maret.org or call 202-939-2463.

Scholarship Auction Committee

Chair: Richard Gervase
Live Chair: Ann Rakestraw
Silent Chair: Renee Footer
Advertising Co-Chairs: Tammy Horn and Claudia Meer
Decorations Co-Chairs: Bob Braddock and Tim Makepeace
Pregame Committee: Anna Haglund
Virtual Program: Abby Schick

Auction Catalog

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