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Standing Together

Marjo Talbott, Head of School

Connectedness is at the heart of a Maret education. I am very excited and optimistic about the upcoming school year and returning to campus. Building on all that we learned and accomplished last year, I am confident that Maret is prepared to address any new challenges that come our way.

By now, all of us have enough experience with the pandemic to realize that COVID-related developments can affect even the best laid plans, so we ask that you stay alert for additional updates. 

Maret’s COVID Steering Committee continues its important work, which includes monitoring the rising impact of the Delta variant. A year ago, no vaccines were available to shield against infection, symptomatic disease, and severe illness. While Delta does present a small risk of breakthrough infection for the vaccinated, we are incredibly fortunate that so many members of our community do have the protection from serious cases that vaccines provide. I want to emphasize that all of our efforts are organized around the priority of providing a superb, safe, effective in-person academic education at Maret. At least until students of all ages are vaccinated, the School will need everyone’s help to achieve our primary goal.

This guide outlines the preparations we have made and the protocols we have put in place. On behalf of our leadership team and the Board, I want to thank everyone in the community for their patience and generosity of spirit as we continue to navigate through these unprecedented times.

The theme for the School's 110th year is “Telling Our Stories.” By telling stories, each of us can locate their individual identity, shared values, motivations, and humanity. I look forward to watching the story of Maret's vibrant community unfold this year, even as we continue to develop our program in the face of the pandemic.

Take care,

Marjo Talbott
Head of School
August 2021