Upper School Mardi Gras Celebration

Student leaders of Francophone Cultures Club, along with Mdm. Eiff, hosted a community building Mardi Gras celebration activity on campus. Mardi Gras - a festive holiday from around the French speaking world - is all about indulgence and joy before the restrictive 40 day period of Lent begins. Student attendees honored the day by learning about the confluence of language, food, music, and culture. Participants were treated to some traditional delicacies while customizing their own masks!

Student Wearing Pink Mardi Gras MaskStudent Holding Pink Mardi Gras MaskStudent Wearing Mardi Gras Mask with Pom Poms

Student Wearing Homemade Mardi Gras MaskStudent Holding Mardi Gras MaskStudent Wearing Mask with Jems and Pom Poms